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Mission Statement
The mission of the Ethiopian Global Initiative is to combine and capture the social and intellectual capital of students and professionals to further engineer the transformation of Ethiopia by engaging a new generation of socially responsible leaders. In partnership with leading public and private sector organizations, the Ethiopian Global Initiative aims to undertake and support sustainable developmental endeavors in Ethiopia. The Initiative also aims to promote the interests of Ethiopians globally by serving as a catalyst for community-based projects that promote civic engagement and economic prosperity.

Our Vision
We envision the collective prosperity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians worldwide, enabling sustainable economic development through projects that produce efficient results. Through the socially responsible leadership of committed students and professionals we aim to make use of the growing communication between people of different countries to strengthen our efforts. Working with our members and partners, we strive to be a positive force for change in Ethiopia's development and a catalyst for the Ethiopian diaspora, bringing together people from different sectors and communities. Our vision is to build a community where pledges are made continually, resulting in action that will help our projects succeed.

Our Name
Ethiopian refers to every human being who necessarily traces his or her ancestry to Ethiopia, the cradle of mankind. Global refers to the global mindset of the organization’s members and the ability to act collectively, think critically, and be open-minded in a globalized world. Initiative refers to the capacity and responsibility to undertake worthwhile endeavors.

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