Thursday, July 1, 2010

Capturing the Conference Energy

Today was a very productive day at the Ethiopian Global Initiative's Headquarters. Today, I was meeting with my Research Associates over what transpired at the 2010 EAYI Conference at Howard University in Washington, D.C. As we were doing post-conference work, I couldn't help but really acknowledge the amount of energy and potential EGI has. Our Initiative has created the framework for all students and young professionals to get involved in Ethiopia's transformation. We recognize, too, that its not just Ethiopians that care about Ethiopia. 

When I closed the 2010 EAYI Conference, I stressed that we're not closing by saying "see you next year" but by saying "talk to you tomorrow" because the discussions must continue. Most Ethiopian conferences and gatherings do not end with a plan of action, or a mode to continue the discussions. Our conference was quite insightful in that it provided an intimate opportunity for speakers and attendees to discuss. For some of our audience, it was their first time meeting such like-minded youth and inspirational speakers all in one room. My goal was to ensure the happiness of each attendee throughout the conference, and I am sure that no one left dissatisfied.

In the coming weeks, EGI will be contacting those who spoke at and attended our conference to capture the energy they exhibited. In the short-term, we are asking attendees to submit a list of various issues in Ethiopia and how we can address them. In the long-term, it is important to translate our ideas into tangible projects with realistic expectations and outcomes. The Ethiopian Global Initiative plans to launch its projects in September 2010 after careful review of the efficiency and sustainability of each proposed project. I invite you to join the post-conference work by calling our office at +1-617-528-9434.

Samuel M. Gebru
President and Chairman
Ethiopian Global Initiative

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