Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Message from Samuel and Gedion: Ethiopian American Census

Hello friends,

We at the Ethiopian Global Initiative are exploring a project that would conduct a census of how many Ethiopians there are in the United States. If successful, we have long-term plans to continue this project to include all Ethiopians in the diaspora.

As many of you may know, the United States Census only asks if you are Black/African American and not your country of origin. As a result of this confusion, we end up with conflicting numbers. Please view this article:

The Initiative is now looking for prospective members to administer and implement this exciting project that will have historic implications. I invite any and all of you students and professionals to get involved by using the skills you have in sociology, organizing, finance, marketing, communication, analysis, mathematics, etc., to ensure the success of a project we might take on in the coming months.

For further information please email or call us at +1-617-528-9434.


Samuel Gebru

Gedion Yitbarek
Director of Development

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