Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ethiopian Global Initiative Successfully Hosts Los Angeles Networking Mixer

EGI President Samuel Gebru discusses with retired
Los Angeles City Councillor Nate Holden on EGI's
work for 2011 and how he could get involved.

Los Angeles, Calif., USA, February 26, 2011 – The Ethiopian Global Initiative (EGI), an international nonprofit organization that operates in several countries, successfully hosted its first U.S. West Coast event in the Little Ethiopia district of Los Angeles yesterday, February 25.

“The EGI Los Angeles Networking Mixer was our first outreach event in the West Coast and despite the weather it went very well,” said EGI President Samuel Gebru.

Berhanu and Getahun Asfaw, brothers and co-owners of Messob Restaurant, agreed. Encouraged by EGI’s vision, they welcomed the organization to host the networking mixer at their restaurant.

Berhanu Asfaw, who serves as President of the Little Ethiopia Business Association, welcomed EGI to Los Angeles for future events pledging to assist the organization. “You are doing great work and we will help connect you with the community here so that EGI’s mission expands to all people,” said Berhanu.

Prominent community members attended the networking mixer, including the leading filmmaker in Ethiopia, Theodros Teshome, who recently directed the movie Abay vs. Vegas that aired in the 19th Annual Pan African Film Festival.

The event featured retired Los Angeles City Council Member and the father of Little Ethiopia, the Honorable Nate Holden. Councillor Holden praised EGI’s vision and expressed his deepest appreciation for the work it aims to achieve.

When learning more about EGI’s beginnings, Holden jokingly said, “Samuel, I was about 9-years-old when I became active in my community, so you’re late to have started at 13.”

Holden endorsed EGI, agreeing that U.S. College Students for Ethiopia, its project designed to send college students to Ethiopia on intern and volunteer opportunities, is a great way to begin reversing the brain drain that damaged Ethiopia particularly between 1980 and 1991.

“EGI is doing a great working in terms of recruiting young people…to participate in supporting social programs not only for just EGI but also for Ethiopia.” He underscored his desire to help, declaring, “In fact, I plan to join them!”

The President of the Ethiopian American Chamber of Commerce, Negest Legesse, shared her willingness to work with EGI, particularly on its project the Ethiopian American Census. “We have done a lot of work in the 2010 U.S. Census and to count all Ethiopians in the United States is our goal. I am happy to share what we have done with EGI so that we can begin the steps to form a nationwide partnership,” she said.

Representatives from other nonprofits and businesses were also in attendance. They thanked EGI for the networking mixer and said that it was a prime opportunity to begin discussions on how to collaborate with others.

EGI plans to continue hosting networking mixers with partner organizations and its friends, working to expand its global reach. The events will revive existing connections and build new ones that will enrich the work of EGI.

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The Ethiopian Global Initiative is an international nonprofit organization that combines and captures the social and intellectual capital of students and professionals for the transformation of Ethiopia through a new generation of socially responsible leaders. Working throughout the world, the Initiative serves as a catalyst for community-based projects to promote civic engagement and economic prosperity.

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  1. This is really great news - EGI is spreading its wings to the West Coast, outreaching those who have the willing to work with the Initiative. I am pretty sure that there are plenty of people, not only Ethiopian but also others who love Ethiopia, who want to be part of such a superb NGO but do not know how or where to begin.

    Great work Samuel, keep it up. Yes, we are here to stand by your side and do whatever we can do.



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