Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ethiopian Global Initiative Hosts Ceremony at U.S. Embassy in Ethiopia

Addis Ababa high school student, Bitanya Yosef, explains
how she thinks the paintings relate to the presentation
on the topic of Juvenile Delinquency. (EGI Photo)

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, August 9, 2011 – U.S. College Students for Ethiopia (USCSE), a project of the Ethiopian Global Initiative (EGI), hosted a closing ceremony for its Youth Community Dialogue participants at the Embassy of the United States of America on Saturday, August 6.

The Youth Community Dialogue is a USCSE summer program that helps Addis Ababa high school students communicate effectively and creatively to their peers and community members about issues important to them in their local neighborhoods. Through this Dialogue, USCSE promotes a culture of volunteerism and community engagement among local youth, while developing their analytical, communication, and problem-solving skills.

For five weeks, 20 participants engaged in stimulating discussions and prepared presentations on issues ranging from “Youth Self-Expression” to “Juvenile Delinquency,” under the guidance of U.S. and Addis Ababa University students. Participants had the opportunity to speak and interact with Diaspora professionals that returned to Ethiopia to contribute to the country’s development. 


  1. May as well call it Woyane Youth Initiative. That flag is forced on us (the middle symbol). Abroad, Flying that flag is what distinguishes Woyanes from Ethiopians- Ethiopians fly the plain Green, Yellow and Red.

  2. Apparently you don't know that it is the U.S. Embassy and that is Ethiopia's official flag and also Embassy's property. Think before you write.

  3. To be fair Derg had their own emblem at the center too. So did HIM. This one probably will share their fate.

  4. Samuel M. Gebru!
    I think before I write thank you very much sir. The true flag of Ethiopia will remain the plain green gold and red. Dictators come and dictators go. I guess it's the one flag the Embassy will have to change in due time, ey?

  5. "Regime flag" is more like it.

  6. If you actually thought before you wrote then you would have known that it was the flag that the U.S. Embassy placed and that your unfounded statement alleging we are the Woyane Youth Initiative should be redacted. Additionally, it really does not matter what flag is placed up there. The green, yellow, red has remained consistent. We innovative Ethiopians have bigger issues to talk about than what is on the flag while people are poor and starving. Spare yourself the waste in my time and yours.


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