Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Magic of a Bitten Apple

A picture taken of my MacBook and me in 2010.
By: Samuel M. Gebru (@smgebru)
October 5, 2011

In the world of technology, Steven P. Jobs is a common name. Along with his colleague and competitor William H. Gates, III, the two are some of the few at the helm of technology as godlike figures. And with due credit, too.

That was, until today. This evening over dinner, a classmate told me that Jobs passed away. I told him that he was bluffing and that Jobs just had cancer and retired from his role as Apple Inc.’s CEO. As I said that, I received breaking news email alerts confirming true what I hoped was false. Inspiringly, my twitter and facebook feeds are filled with status updates on his passing as I write this.

I will forever know Steve Jobs, amongst other reasons, as the man who wore the same type of blue jeans and black turtle neck every day. His swag became a brand of its own. Steve Jobs was a businessman who envisioned and innovated. He engineered the digital empire we know today as a bitten apple.

An activist and inspirational leader of many sorts, Jobs’ message of living life for today and making meaning of it on all accounts continues to inspire me. One can only hope to be in the ranks of amazing humans that have made an impact in how we think, operate and envision. Although he will be missed, his profound impact is in the “i” forever.

Samuel M. Gebru is President and Chairman of the Ethiopian Global Initiative.

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