Wednesday, December 15, 2010

EGI Receives Grow Grant


EGI Receives Grow Grant

Cambridge, MA, December 15, 2010 – Ethiopian Global Initiative (EGI) President Samuel M. Gebru today announced that EGI received a $1,000 Grow Grant from San Francisco, CA-based Grow Marketing, a strategic marketing and public relations agency that works with global brands on brand marketing and consumer exposure campaigns.

Grow Marketing annually awards ten individuals and nonprofits, known as “Community Rock Stars,” $1,000 each as part of their holiday give back program. The award is designed to honor those who give back to their local and global communities. EGI was nominated and received the award after being selected through a highly competitive program.

“We were inundated with nominations when we announced the Grow Grants program in November,” says Cassie Hughes, co-founder of Grow Marketing in the company’s release.

Grow Marketing co-founder Gabrey Means stated that, “Smaller non-profits and individuals give enormous amounts of their own time, often operating on shoestring budgets,” explaining that, “It was inspiring to read their stories.”

Samuel Gebru expressed his gratitude saying that, “EGI’s expansion efforts will greatly benefit from the Grow Grant. I am honored that organizations, such as Grow Marketing, realize the incredible work EGI has planned for 2011. We appreciate their support.”

Earlier this year EGI began an ambitious expansion program increasing its annual budget and global membership. Leaders from the organization have been engaged in meetings with partners, donors and supporters designing new ways for EGI to become a global leader for Ethiopia.

EGI’s International Board of Directors expressed appreciation to Grow Marketing saying that the grant is a huge assistance in reaching its operating budget goal for 2011.

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