Wednesday, December 22, 2010

EGI Successfully Hosts Boston Networking Mixer with NCAAA

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Ethiopian Global Initiative Successfully Hosts Boston Networking Mixer with National Center of Afro-American Artists

Boston, Mass., USA, December 22, 2010 – President Samuel Gebru of the Ethiopian Global Initiative (EGI) successfully co-hosted a networking mixer with Director Edmund Barry Gaither of the National Center of Afro-American Artists (NCAAA) in Boston yesterday evening.

Civic leaders and artists joined African American and Ethiopian American community members for an opportunity to network and learn more about the work and vision of EGI. The networking mixer was the first in a series of monthly networking mixers that EGI will host throughout 2011.

Expressing his excitement at the opportunities for collaboration, Barry said that, “We are pleased with the new beginning ahead and the strengthening of a historic relationship between African Americans and Ethiopians in the interest of building a better global experience.”

Samuel agreed and emphasized importance of the networking mixer. “Working to unite with other communities underscores our organization’s name,” adding that, “Ethiopian refers to any and everyone and the global mindset we are pursuing will lead us to take the collective action to form projects that will impact Ethiopia’s future.”

EGI plans to continue hosting networking mixers with partner organizations and its friends, working to expand its global reach. The events will revive existing connections and build new ones that will enrich the work of EGI. Samuel was enthusiastic by the very engaging attendees and the supporting turnout in what is the first of more worldwide EGI networking events.

Attendees expressed a deep desire to work with EGI as it pursues its goals for 2011. They agreed the “global initiative” aspect will allow people the timely opportunity to get involved in projects transforming Ethiopia and promote civic engagement and economic prosperity worldwide.

Samuel extended an invitation to Barry on behalf the EGI International Board of Directors to join the organization as a member of its esteemed International Board of Advisors and to attend the EGI Global Summit in June 2011. Happily accepting the invitation, Barry mentioned that he looks forward to developing more ways EGI and NCAAA can partner in the future.

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