Thursday, November 4, 2010

EGI Announces New Logo


EGI Announces New Logo

Cambridge, Massachusetts, November 4, 2010 – The Ethiopian Global Initiative (EGI), an international nonprofit organization of students and young professionals committed to the transformation of Ethiopia, revealed its new logo this morning.

The need for a new logo with a simple color scheme and distinct look was evident to leaders at EGI when they decided to design a new logo earlier this year. The new logo presents a new brand image for EGI, a reflection of the organization’s aspiration to be the home for innovative global leaders.

“The Ethiopian Global Initiative aims to become a global hub of solutions for Ethiopia and its new brand image represents exactly that, the long-term goals of the organization,” said President Samuel Gebru at the logo’s launch.

The Ethiopian Global Initiative’s logo is designed to engage a new generation of innovative and dynamic student and young professional leaders. The color red was chosen as a symbol because of its integral part of the Ethiopian identity, the third color in the Ethiopian tricolor flag. The traditional Ethiopian “gojo” hut is used to represent a basic shelter for all humanity and for housing innovative and transformative ideas that will benefit Ethiopia’s development.

About the Ethiopian Global Initiative
The Ethiopian Global Initiative is an international nonprofit organization that combines and captures the social and intellectual capital of students and professionals for the transformation of Ethiopia through a new generation of socially responsible leaders. Working throughout the world, the Initiative serves as a catalyst for community-based projects to promote civic engagement and economic prosperity.

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