Monday, November 8, 2010

Meet USCSE's Steering Committee

U.S. College Students for Ethiopia (USCSE), a project of the Ethiopian Global Initiative, formed its Steering Committee this weekend. The following members will be instrumental in launching the project in 2011. 

Ms. Yordanos Eyoel, 2010 a graduate of Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government, will lead as Project Manager. The Steering Committee is composed of members of various backgrounds and interests. 

Ms. Bethel D. Adefres
Student, B.A., Neuroscience
Wellesley College

Ms. Tsion D. Adefres
Student, B.A., Chemistry
Bryn Mawr College

Mr. Evan J. Anderson
Student, B.A., International Relations
American University

Ms. Rebecca Beauregard
Ethiopia Volunteer
United States Peace Corps

Ms. Yordanos Eyoel
M.P.P., Business and Government Policy
Harvard University, 2010

Ms. Nardos Ghebregziabher
Student, B.A, Economics, International Studies
University of Denver

Mr. Daniel Holobowicz
B.A., International Studies
University of North Texas, 2010

Mr. Bruck K. Kiros
Student, B.A., Economics, Black Studies
Amherst College

Ms. Danielle Nispel
Student, B.A., Political Science
American University

To join the Steering Committee, or for more information, please email

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