Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Message of Thanks

Dear Friend,

Tomorrow, people throughout the United States will be celebrating a holiday that dates back to the founding years of this country. Thanksgiving is a time to show appreciation for one another and to be grateful for the precious gifts of life.

While celebrating, I want you to remain aware of the many doors you have open as a human being to influence the world. A collective identity is one of the many results of globalization, and it is important that we understand that we belong to a global world. 

I am thankful for the support and generosity that you have shown to the Ethiopian Global Initiative (EGI). Whatever you may be—a student, a professional, a webmaster, an educator, a serviceman—your continued support will be very instrumental as we move on towards new goals and heights in 2011.

Whether it is a donation or an in kind service, I am calling on you to act; let your voice be heard in transforming Ethiopia and promoting the interests of Ethiopians throughout the world. EGI aims to be a central home, an identity, for innovative solutions for Ethiopia but we cannot do it without your support and involvement. 

Be sure to follow EGI at and like EGI on Get involved today by emailing or calling us at +1-617-528-9434. 


Samuel Gebru

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